Audio Analog Board design Engineer

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Job Description:

The Analog Design Engineer will be responsible for designing some of the most challenging audio circuits for the avionics industry. The candidate should have experience and a solid track record in high performance analog designs.
The ideal candidate is a self-starter, highly motivated engineer who has excellent technical and communications skills.
End to end boards design. Starting from the components selection and evaluation, schematic design, thermal considerations, mechanical constraints, layout design, production supervision, bring-up on lab, including all the relevant document writing and conducting the needed design reviews until the product is ready to be released.


Northen Sharon, Sharon area



Job Qualifications:

-Electronics Engineer. 7+ years of board design. Proven experience in complex works with audio and analog multilayer boards.
-Vast Analog audio designs experience.
-Knowledge of digital circuits and interfaces (like SPI, FPGA, CPLD, I2C).
-High knowledge of Layout design considerations, power planes, critical circuits, noise filtering, and crosstalk avoidance techniques.
-Experience in circuit trouble shooting and bring-up working together with SW teams.
-Understanding of EMI / EMC concepts.
-Modeling and simulation experience.
-Ability of understanding product requirements, industry standards demands.
-Good knowledge of Schematic design tools (Orcad preferred, not exclusive), very good handling of Office environment; Wide knowledge of lab equipment.
-Experience with Avionics Industry - Advantage
-Experience in DSP design - Advantage
-Experience in VHDL writing - Advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech, Multidisciplinary, Military technologies

Company Size:

Large (150+)

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