VP Algo&Software

  • full time
  • 6+ years
  • Jerusalem area

Job Description:

The Vice President of Algorithm and SW will play a critical role in the strategic management of the company, leading, developing, and mentoring the teams responsible forthe companie's main technology Research and Development.

Responsible for the Algorithm and SW research and development activities from exploration phase till production Quality.
* Algorithms research new areas & development includes deep Signal Processing and AI algorithms in new and state of the art technology
* SW development includes SW, FW, Cloud and database and tools disciplines
* Lead and manage the Algorithm and SW teams of currently ~15 researchers + developers
* Explore new and creative approaches to challenging problems.
* Define and lead Algorithm and SW development flows
* Be responsible for all Algorithm and SW development plans
* Work closely with all other relevant teams/disciplines (RFIC, System Eng., HW, Products, etc.) and contributing to overall products development

Additional Positions:

R&D Manager, VP R&D



Job Qualifications:

* MSc./Ph.D. in EE, or Physics, Mathematics.
* High Experience in algorithm research & development from exploration/research phase till production Quality.
* Experience in different SW disciplines development from Architecture phase till production Quality.
* In-depth knowledge in: DSP, information theory, deep learning & machine learning, source separation technique, SW architecture
* High Experienced algorithm & SW teams leadership/management for both technical management, tasks management and teams management.

Company Occupation:

High Tech

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