PHY and MAC Algorithm engineer

  • full time
  • 6+ years
  • Shfela area

Job Description:

for an innovative company in the wireless communications defense market is looking for algorithms expert engineer to lead our algorithms team.
You will design and implement game-changing wireless software-defined-radio (SDR) systems for advanced defense applications.

Additional Positions:

Algorithm developer



Job Qualifications:

PHY and MAC Algorithms Team Manager - Job Description

Key responsibilities:
" Management and professional lead of the R&D Algorithms team
" Working closely with the VP of R&D
" Lead advanced research and development of wireless SDR communication systems, implemented in FPGA, from initial conceptual and development stages to production
" Lead the design and development of the PHY and MAC algorithms
" Lead the Modeling and Simulations process
" Lead the engineers implementing the PHY and MAC in HW (RTL) and SW
" Lead the integration and verification process

" M.Sc./P.h.D in Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
" 10+ years of experience in digital signal processing, modem and wireless communications algorithms development and implementation
" Deep understanding of PHY signal processing related algorithms, such as timing recovery, signal estimation and detection, automatic gain control, RF impairment estimation and correction, channel estimation, FEC, equalization, etc.
" Knowledge of networking and wireless communication standards
" Experience with writing system requirements and implementation architecture for PHY and MAC
" Hands on experience with simulations in Matlab/C/C++/Python
" Hands on experience with design and development of algorithms for implementation in HW and SW.
" Experience in FPGA development and optimizations in RTL (Verilog)
" Experience with lab testing
" Excellent collaboration and communications skills

" Experience with SDR platforms
" Experience with RF subsystems
" Previous experience in the defense industry and valid security classif

Company Occupation:

Military technologies

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