Machine Learning Engineer

  • full time
  • 3+ years
  • Sharon area

Job Description:

In this role you will be a part of our global Buyer Experience research team. You will Combine strong software engineering principles with machine learning to build scalable learning workflows. Our team explores and provides solutions for extremely complex problems presented to hundreds of millions of users every day, by conducting research in the fields of Recommendation Systems, Machine Learning, NLP and Information Retrieval. We work closely with the product teams in order to bring state of the art technology to production. The main goal of the team is to bring personalized machine learning models to all our experiences, fitting the best experience to each of the hundreds millions of buyers. As a machine learning engineer you will be responsible for building the data collection pipelines, building the learning, testing and inference infrastructure and bringing the machine learning models to production.

Additional Positions:

Algorithm developer



Job Qualifications:

Deep hand-on knowledge of Java application development, testing and frameworks

Significant experience in design and development of Internet-scale systems with massive amounts of data

Throughout understanding of Machine Learning and experience in deployment of ML models to production

Experience with Big Data environments - Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, DWH, Analytical databases etc.

Industry experience with standard AI and ML techniques, NLU and scientific thinking

Strong knowledge of micro-services architecture

Experience with Docker/Kubernetes

Proven ability of leading and delivering complex projects with multiple team dependencies

BSc in computer science/software engineering or other relevant education

Advantage: Python (sklearn), Airflow, Tensor Flow, MLib (Spark ML) and MLeap

Company Occupation:

High Tech, Internet related, Software

Company Size:

Large (150+)

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