Mix Digital BD

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Shfela area

Job Description:

For a hi-tech company developing products in the field of micro-electronics, with offices in the Shefela .

Job Description:

* Challenging development of mix signals digital and analog boards that are part of our SEM and optic products.

* In this position you will develop variety of boards, inhouse or with external vendors that can including high speed FPGA, fast communication protocols [SERDES, Ethernet], high end A2D and D2A, PLL and power and clock distribution systems.



Job Qualifications:

* Electronics engineer (BSC). MSC is an advantage.

* 4~8 years in analog circuits development on the areas described below.

* Experience on development and integration of the modules in industrial system- Advantage.

* Main technical expertise areas:

* Development of digital board design, high speed, FPGA, Memory [DDR] and interface to high end Analog circuits.

* Experience in Signal integrity simulation, SerDes

* Experience in board design, schematics and layout tools (OrCAD, CST, Allegro.)

* Understanding system level of multidisciplinary machine as well as detail design

* SW skills and Digital Signal processing knowledge - advantage

* Independent leading development of complex boards/modules- must

Company Occupation:

High Tech, Electro - Optics, Multidisciplinary, Research Development , Semiconductor/capital equipment, Image Processing

Company Size:


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