Firmware Engineer

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

The Firmware Sensor team faces both engineering and system challenges. Team members are expected to gain a deep understanding of all systems layers from block & IP level through chip & system up to User Interfaces, tightly collaborate with other teams (Algorithms, Analog, Digital, Verification, Application etc.)
We are looking for people with a broad set of technical skills, who are ready to tackle some of technology's greatest challenges, who have the ability to think out of the box and bring the disruptive technologies that will define our future.

What will you do?
The job includes a thorough study of the system hardware and software architecture, designing and implementing.
" Experience in embedded architecture, external interfaces, product constraints, along with ability to develop architectures/features that meet these constraints while providing new value for the platform.
" Source code development, review and maintenance (C/C++).
" Develop low-level Unit and system level test and verification, system architecture, operating systems, device architecture and hardware design.

Additional Positions:

Driver/Kernel developer, Real-time



Job Qualifications:

B.Sc in computer engineering or computer science from a major university

At least 5 years of experience in RT systems

Extensive C and C++ programming experience

Proven experience with the following fields:

Implementing porting layer for embedded systems

ARM assembler and ARM compiler O.O. design

Acquaintance with video streaming or image processing embedded systems - An advantage

Experience with large scale systems - An advantage

Experience with build systems - An advantage

Ability to become a technical leader- an advantage

Vast SW knowledge

Company Occupation:

Video/Audio Related, High Tech, Semiconductor/capital equipment

Company Size:

Medium (50 - 150)

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