Senior Software Architect

  • full time
  • 6+ years

Job Description:

For a hi-tech firm developing products in the field of communication, with offices in the Haifa area

To lead the development of our next generation Cloud architectures, joining us as we create cutting-edge technologies that synergize software and hardware in tandem, accelerate computation, storage and networking in large-scale data center deployments, and drive software-defined infrastructure for applications such as IaaS, FaaS / Serverless, HPC, NFV, AI/ML and Big Data


Haifa area, Sharon area



Job Qualifications:

At least 10 years experience in the design of L2/3/4 networking devices, such as NIC, HBA, HCA

At least 5 years experience in system / software architecture

In-depth knowledge of one of the following fields: Cloud Data Center Networks, OvS, RDMA (iWARP, RoCE), InfiniBand, Storage stacks (virtio-block, NVMe, FC, iSCSI, iSER)

Experience with OS kernels and user mode programming for Windows/Linux, and the understanding of memory / process / thread / IO management

Hands-on experience coding in C/C++ the real-time programming of embedded microprocessors (ARM / Tensilica / MIPS) and drivers

Company Occupation:

High Tech, Networking/datacom/telecom

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