Senior Software Engineer

  • full time
  • 5+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

The data path group owns the core system components, including filesystem, SSD and object storage tiers, protocols, RAID and more. The following core objectives are the core pillars of our engineering organisation:

* Provide architectural guidance and fresh ideas in our core areas of distributed computing, high performance storage and cloud computing.
* Promote and take an active part in beautiful designs, efficient code and collaborative code reviews.

* This is our top-most requirement, from ourselves and from you - own and promote quality in every part of your daily activities.
* Challenge our deciphered rocket-benchmarks with performance testing around IO and storage throughput.
* We cherish our failures - promote and nurture automation and constantly increase code coverage.
* We want to be better - promote root cause analysis activities to make us even better for our customers.
* Constantly search for bottlenecks and push for refresh design and refactors.

* Assume nothing - constantly revisit how we work and whether our productivity is perfectly tuned
* Drive simplicity and be agile - promote unification of internal processes.
* Say what you do and do what you say - own project timelines and provide transparent risk analysis
* Collaborate and be a friend - work closely and openly with other teammates.



Job Qualifications:

Master of low-level C/C++ development in Linux user-space or kernel-space, with vast experience in performance-sensitive code.

5+ years of hands-on experience with software development on multithreaded and multi-cores Linux-based systems.

Experience with storage development (one or more of filesystems, Samba/NFS/S3 protocols, SSD/RAID, etc).

Linux savvy.

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Medium (50 - 150)

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