Senior Vulnerability Researcher

  • full time
  • 5+ years
  • Sharon area

Job Description:

For a hi-tech company developing cyber security solutions, with offices in the Sharon, we are looking for a senior vulnerability researcher.

As a vulnerability researcher, your main focus will be on vulnerability discovery & exploitation of one of the most prominent OS`s in the market
As a vulnerability researcher, you will need to research a low level embedded products as well as Linux/ Windows drivers and kernel components. As part of the job you will work closely with the research team.

Additional Positions:

Data Security



Job Qualifications:

5+ years of relevant industry experience as vulnerability researcher or equivalent.

Experience with writing code in assembly or c and Python.

Experience with a dis-assembler for vulnerability research (IDA Pro or GHIDRA).

Experience with complicated exploitation methods.

Deep understanding of OS internals (Mac, Windows, Android etc.).

Good understanding of common security mitigations.
Highly motivated and creative individual.

Graduate of an elite technological unit in IDF
Bachelor degree in computer science or software engineer.
Familiarity with idapython.

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Large (150+)

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