Big Data Engineer

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

For a hi-tech company developing a system to fight transaction fraud, with offices in the center

To join our Big Data team that plays a key role in the success of in our revolutionary approach to data science by digesting, processing and serving data produced by billions of events per day, so that the huge volumes of data gathered and analyzed by our technology can be utilized by a broad spectrum of our departments - from data science to performance analytics, to customer support and finance - all of which depend on fast and easy access to high-volume data, a necessary condition for the company's growth as these departments all require a system that can quickly and efficiently process data at scale; Our key data pipelines stream events in near-real-time from multiple high-scale production services into our data lake where in is processed for our complex model training flow which supports complex fraud detection patterns, potentially preventing fraud on a scale of millions of dollars a day, and involves a technology stack incorporating Scala/Spark, Dynamodb, Elasticsearch, Airflow, Redshift, AWS, Kafka, Kubernetes and more

As a Big Data Engineer, you will solve complex problems that require a varied and multi-disciplinary skill set, based on your understanding the bigger picture, and will design system architectures, build highly complex data flows, and manage multiple, multi-faceted projects in parallel

Additional Positions:

JAVA programmer, SCRIPTS Developer



Job Qualifications:

B.Sc. in Computer Science / Data Management / graduate of MAMRAM

At least 4 years experience as a software engineer

Experience working with relational and non-relational databases

Experience developing with Spark / similar frameworks - a significant advantage

Experience with data lakes on Hadoop / cloud storage (S3 or similar) - an advantage

Experience with Scala - an advantage

Experience working with Kubernetes / Docker / etc. - an advantage

Experience with the AWS cloud - an advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech

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