Senior System Administrator

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

A global online platform that empowers users to discover, preserve, and share family history and DNA, utilizing advanced technology and a vast database.

Join us as a Senior System Administrator, playing a vital role in managing Corporate IT systems and infrastructure. Oversee on-premises and cloud-based solutions for seamless operations, contributing to our technology success.

What you'll do

Develop and maintain robust IT systems and infrastructure for on-premises and cloud.
Manage and optimize AWS resources for diverse applications and services.
Leverage Okta for identity and access management across our ecosystem.
Administer Cisco Meraki networking for reliable connectivity.
Implement and manage ZScaler cloud security.
Support and troubleshoot Windows, Linux, and macOS environments.
Oversee Active Directory services and ensure user access.
Configure and maintain Checkpoint firewall solutions for enhanced security.
Collaborate cross-functionally, using Atlassian tools (Jira, Confluence) for project management.
Manage version control and software development workflows with Git.
Demonstrate deep scripting knowledge in batch, BASH, PowerShell, and Terraform.
Utilize expertise in PHP for system administration and web development.

Additional Positions:

System Administrator

Job Qualifications:

4+ years of system administration and IT infrastructure management experience.
Proficiency in AWS management and optimization.
Experience with Okta for identity and access management and Okta Workflows.
Experience with Cisco Meraki networking solutions.
Experience with ZScaler for network security or equivalent type of solution.
Proven capabilities in managing Windows server and endpoint, Linux, and macOS environments and scripting for these environments.
Expertise in administering Active Directory services.
Experience with Checkpoint firewall management and configuration.
Proficiency administering Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence) for collaboration.
Proficiency in administering Google Suite and GCP.
Experience with Git for version control and software development workflows.
Deep knowledge in scripting languages like BASH, PowerShell.
Experience with PHP for system administration and web development.
Experience working with MDM solutions for managing Servers (Windows, Linux) and Workstations (Windows, macOS).

Company Occupation:

Internet related

Company Size:

Medium (50 - 150)

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