Jobinfo Divisions

Jobinfo Executive

Jobinfo executive is a division which specializes in the recruitment and matching of managers and senior executives for key roles.
The experts at Jobinfo executive capitalize on hard earned experience, know-how and networking accumulated over hundreds of successful executive placements. Dozens of large sized companies, start-ups and venture capital funds have already made use of Jobinfo executive's services. Until today we have successfully placed many venture capital general partners, CEOs, CFOs, board directors and other senior management executives.

Jobinfo Placement

Jobinfo Placement is Jobinfo group's placement division for academically educated professionals.
Jobinfo placement's experts excel at understanding their client's recruiting needs and they advise and handle all aspects of the recruitment process. Each Jobinfo placement specialist provides a focused personal service based on amassed know-how and networking assets.

A personal placement manager serves as a professional consultant to HR mangers in an array of topics: average pay levels and trends, information regarding benefits, welfare, market demand and supply and much more. The placement manager provides a broad perspective on market events and shifts based on an in depth familiarity with the industry's key players.

Jobinfo Technology Placement

Jobinfo Technology Placement specializes in placement for a vast range of positions. Among them: Technology experts, engineering, programming, QA and more. Jobinfo Technology Placement experts apply considerable recruiting and placement expertise during the thousands of placements they conclude every year.

Jobinfo Professionals’ Placement

Jobinfo Professionals' Placement specializes in professional placement for academic graduates and professionals in marketing, sales, finance, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, legal services, business and industrial administration, human resources and more

Our goals

  1. Creating high level of service, professionalism and mutual commitment whole through the recruiting process.
  2. Defining clear set of expectations within the client (Time schedule, jobs handling methods, type of services).
  3. Jobinfo sees itself as a strategic partner within the client's recruitment process when both sides have a common goal.