Signal Integrity Engineer

  • full time
  • 4+ years

Job Description:

For a hi-tech company developing technologies for optical connectivity and networking, with offices in Shefela.
Silicon Department is responsible for designing next generation of ultra-high-speed transceiver for data-center applications. As this product convert electrical signal to optical signal, we need an expert who will lead the design of signal integrity and RF to maximize its performance. This role requires intimate knowledge of EM simulation tools, lab measurement equipment, and analysis for successful design of devices, PCBs, and packaging solutions. You are expected to be open-minded and demonstrate creativity for solving complex engineering challenges.


Jerusalem area, Shfela area



Job Qualifications:

Masters degree/Ph.D. in physics or electrical engineering in relevant fields

6+ years of relevant experience in signal integrity as well as design and analysis of devices, such as printed filters, waveguides, and antennas, at RF and microwave frequencies

Experience in lab measurements for validating and debugging complex high-speed designs; Familiarity with lab equipment such as VNA, TDR, real-time scope, and spectrum analyzer

Experience with EM simulation tools and analysis such as ADS and HFSS

Experience with processing and analysis using programming software, such as Python or MATALB

Experience in RF system analysis including link budget as well as component specifications - Advantage

Knowledge and experience with optical interconnects, including NRZ/PAM-4 signaling schemes - Advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Medium (50 - 150)

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