Senior Web Software Engineer

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Shfela area

Job Description:

Our Web Developer will strive to develop a first-class codebase using Angular best practices.
• As a Web Developer, you will implement a complete user interface in the form of cloud-based web apps, while collaborating with UI/UX designers to implement mock-ups and reduce pain points with the user experience.
• You will work closely with other functional areas in the company such as: Product, Back-end and QA engineers in order to identify the best solutions to the challenges we face.
• You will take ownership of features’ stories - from inception through design, coding and CICD to eventually bringing value to production at a high level of quality and test coverage.

Additional Positions:

Frontend Team Leader



Job Qualifications:

4+ years overall professional web application development experience
• Proficiency in one or more advanced JavaScript frameworks such as Angular 2+, Vue or React.
• Experience using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build dynamic websites or web applications.
• Experience with CICD, Unit Testing, Linting, and Code Coverage.
• Strong knowledge of CSS pre-processing technologies such as LESS and SASS.
• Strong knowledge of native JavaScript including ES5, ES6, and a strong understanding of browser compatibility implications.
• Experience with the release process: Source code control, package installers, build scripts, Jenkins, etc.
• Experience with end-to-end testing is a plus.
• BA/BSC or equivalent in computer science or computer engineering.
• Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

Company Occupation:

High Tech

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