AI researcher

  • full time
  • 3+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

An innovative deep learning and AI solutions research and development group. We're researching and developing a cutting-edge AI engine based on deep learning for the world of 3D printing.

As a deep learning research engineer, you will conduct research projects to advance the scientific front of AI. Your work will be done both solo and in collaboration with other deep learning engineers and researchers. We are looking for someone who is versatile, displays leadership qualities, and is passionate about taking on new challenges.

Lead and carry out effective scientific research by formulating meaningful research questions, conducting experiments, organizing results, concluding, and communicating results in presentations, blog posts, and scientific papers.
Develop systems to test and verify KPIs of research products.

Additional Positions:

Algorithm developer



Job Qualifications:

· M.Sc. degree in computer science or a similar technical field
· Comprehensive knowledge of machine learning and deep learning
· In-depth knowledge of PyTorch
· 3+ years deep learning research experience in industrial settings
· Excellent team player with strong communication skills
· solid software development principles in Python

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Small (0 - 50)

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