Senior Deep Learning Applied Researcher

  • full time
  • 3+ years

Job Description:

The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, multi-tasker, and demonstrated team-player. You will be part of the data scientists team developing best-of-breed deep learning algorithms for automated vehicle inspection and homeland security, and implementing complex and innovative architectures. You will work closely with other excellent researchers to understand the needs and requirements of the research as well as keep up to date with latest developments in the field. You should excel in understanding and implementing research papers and have outstanding communication skills.

-Extend, optimize and invent new algorithms as part of the company's core technology
-Develop novel Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms in fields such as object detection, semantic and instance segmentation, object localization and others.
-Investigate, identify, and implement research ideas published in leading scientific publications

Additional Positions:

Algorithm developer


Hybrid, Sharon area



Job Qualifications:

-MSc or Ph.D. in a subject with a heavy emphasis on computer vision and deep learning.
-Expert knowledge in deep learning.
-Expert knowledge in computer vision.
-Extensive experience in CNN, RNN, GAN architectures.
-Knowledge of SLAM/3D/Multi-View Geometry - strong advantage.
-Full proficiency writing code in Python.
-Experience with Tensorflow (v1.x and 2.x), Keras
-Experience with Tensorflow Serving and Nvidia Triton - strong advantage
-Familiarity with toolkits for Deep Learning such as PyTorch - strong advantage
-Experience with TensorRT and model optimization techniques.
-Bonus points for additional experience across 3D point cloud, optical flow estimation, stereo, attention models or reinforcement learning, Siamese networks and triplet loss functions

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Small (0 - 50)

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