Automation System Architect

  • full time
  • 6+ years
  • Sharon area

Job Description:

We have an end-to-end automation infrastructure, but we want to evolve it to a world-class level. We are looking for an Automation System Architect to define, design and help develop Parallel Wireless automation infrastructure.

" Own overall auto infra design and integration:
" Overall system design and architecture
" Collection and integration of requirements from the entire R&D org
" Definition of big building blocks and major enhancements
" Documentation of system and building blocks
" Recommend and initiate system changes and refactoring
" Review the code and design of the Automation Infra engineers
" Help lead implementation of new/complicated/big modules/features in the most optimized and generic way
" Mentorship & training to teammates and conduct training to other R&D members for ongoing improvement and use of correct tools and methodologies
" Optimization
" Review current architecture and tests flows in order to optimize them (duration, complexity, robustness, etc.)
" Optimize and consolidate future requirements and enhancements
" Innovation
" Drive new tools/approaches/methodologies to the automation infra/team members
" Drive innovative solutions to the infra: debug, BI, AI, etc.

Additional Positions:

System architect



Job Qualifications:

" 7+ years of experience in Automation infrastructure and at least 3 of them as a TL/PM
" Excellent familiarity with automation solutions and tools
" Experience with building automation frameworks and infrastructure
" Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
" Highly proactive - introducing new tools and technologies.
" Strong hands-on design, coding, and debugging skills
" Proven record of accomplishment of integrating automation into CI/CD pipelines
" Excellent interpersonal skills
" Accountable, taking end to end ownership as a personal trait
" Proficiency in Python
" Experience with Object Oriented Programming
" Experience in tools development for testing environments - Advantage.
" Experience in working with databases - Advantage
" Good familiarity with cloud architecture -Advantage

BS/MS degree in Computer Science or Engineering

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:

Small (0 - 50)

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