Senior Layout Designer

  • full time
  • 2+ years

Job Description:

For a hi-tech company developing products in the field of micro-electronics, with offices in the northern Sharon

To work with EDA tools on the physical design (layout) of analog and digital blocks for cutting-edge silicon technologies

Additional Positions:

BackEnd, Analog design, Layout


Jerusalem area, Sharon area



Job Qualifications:

Practical Engineer / B.Tech / BSc in Electrical / Computer engineering

Experience with layout editor tools; Virtuoso - a must; CDesigner, Laker, Genesis - an advantage

Experience with at least one of the following layout verification tools - a must: Calibre, Hercules, ICV, PVS

Solid understanding of analog design, floor-plan, cell level, block level, transistor level, matching, ESD, IR-drop, and EM, noise

Experience in analog layout for IC, HSI, SerDes, RF, PLL, ADC, DAC, TX, RX, noise sensitive designs, band gaps, voltage regulators - an advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech, Semiconductor/capital equipment

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