Security Researcher

  • full time
  • 3+ years
  • Tel Aviv - Center

Job Description:

We’re looking for an innovative security researcher who can apply their in-depth knowledge of different cloud vendors and services, web-application security, Linux/Windows internals, and protocol specification to explore existing attack vectors, find new attack vectors/vulnerabilities in the cloud vendors and identify intrusions in complex networks - and track the actors behind them - through large-scale data analysis.

Additional Positions:

Security Researcher



Job Qualifications:

• Conduct research that yield new insights, theories, analyses, data, algorithms, and prototypes that advance state-of-the-art of threat protection.
•Work directly with the developers and develop some of the relevant features by yourself in order to integrate your findings.
•Investigate, analyze, and learn from security researchers, attackers, and real incidents in order to develop durable detection strategies across the entire kill-chain or product enhancements.
•Work with other internal and external teams to forge new and improve existing partnerships that help mature the product.
•Provide exemplary leadership in an exceptionally challenging and rewarding environment and influence the organization

Company Occupation:

Data security, High Tech, Software

Company Size:


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