Experienced Signal/Power Integrity Engineer 3322

  • full time
  • 3+ years

Job Description:

In this position you will be responsible, but not limited to:

Power and Signal Integrity analysis of multi-chip packages

Chip-package co-design following signal/power integrity considerations

Signal integrity analysis of SSD systems

Timing simulation of memory and SerDes interfaces with Hspice and Keysight ADS
Your scope will be:

Signal Integrity Analysis: Analysis of board/package design, S-parameter extraction of board/package design, board-level simulation for signal traces to extract system performance parameters such as eye-diagram, BER, Jitter etc, analyzing effects of cross-coupling, simultaneous switching noise etc on the performance of the system, improving system performance by suggesting modifications in the board/package topology and routing of nets

Power Integrity Analysis: analysis of power distribution network, extraction of Z-parameter of the power distribution network, improving the performance of power distribution network by adding decoupling capacitors at suitable points in the network, final system-level simulation to measure and optimize system performance

Package/Board co-design analysis

Understanding different type of package/board designs using AllegroSIP

Expertise in circuit simulation with different tools such as Hspice and ADS

In-depth analysis of the functionality of the different types of I/Os. Simulation of different types of I/Os and other digital circuits. Familiarity with specifications of different types of I/Os. Knowledge of CMOS process technologies


Southern Israel, Northern Israel



Job Qualifications:

3+ years of experience in SI/PI area - ASIC or high-speed boards

Signal Integrity knowledge

Experience in board/package design

BSc in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science or equivalent - must

Proven ability to use modern tools for S-parameter extraction of board/package

System-level SI simulation using simulation tools

Understanding of functionality of different I/Os

Tools Used : Cadence PowerSI/ Agilent ADS/ Mentor Nimbic/Allegro SIP

Expertise in circuit simulation with different tools such as Hspice and ADS.

Additional skills:

Knowledge in analog design or other fields of HW design

Modeling of electrical circuits

Programming language perl, tcl

Ability to work in a multi-team environment

Ability to analyze problems and propose solutions within time and resource limited project environment

Experience with pattern generation/conversion tools , advantage (wave wizard and virtual tester)

Highly-motivated and quick-learning abilities

Company Occupation:

Storage, High Tech, Electronics, Semiconductor/capital equipment, Networking/datacom/telecom

Company Size:


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