Senior Algorithm Researcher

  • full time
  • 5+ years
  • Northen Sharon

Job Description:

For a startup developing a product for medical applications, with offices in the north

To join our core team developing an innovative intra-body imaging platform to redefine interventional therapy, and specifically work on and solve complex image reconstruction and severely ill-posed inverse problems, playing a central role in our efforts by inventing and implementing state-of-the-art algorithms and having a real impact on the company's roadmap, including:

Inventing, developing and optimizing new algorithms for complex reconstruction problems using mathematical modeling, advanced optimization methods and machine learning techniques; Designing and running experiments, conducting research and finding new ways of solving severely ill-posed problems

Additional Positions:

Algorithm developer



Job Qualifications:

PhD/MSc with focus on Image/Signal Processing or Machine Learning
œ 5+ years of experience as an algorithm engineer
œ Highly skilled in Python (or Matlab)
œ Experience with deep learning - Advantage
œ Proven ability to research and develop algorithms independently
œ A passionate team player, fast learner, and problem solve r


#ImageProcessing #SignalProcessing #Optimization #MachineLearning

Company Occupation:

High Tech

Company Size:


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