System Architect- Cloud

  • full time
  • 4+ years
  • Sharon area

Job Description:

Join us to build with us the Network Cloud solution. The cloud platform that turns ISP and CDN networks into a huge distributed data center.

As an Infrastructure Architect you will take major role in the development of cutting edge network and compute virtualization technologies. You will define technical specification and architecture for R&D teams based on customer's needs. You will collaborate with our customers and partners and will take active role in the definition of the Network Cloud roadmap.

Additional Positions:

System architect



Job Qualifications:

Expertise in at least one of the following container orchestrators
o K8S
o OpenShift
o Swarm
o Mesos
" Understanding of the public PaaS and IaaS services such as:
o AWS ECS and EKS or Azure/GCP equivalent
o AWS Fargate Serverless Compute Engine
o AWS VPC or Azure/GCP equivalent
o AWS elastic load balancing or Azure/GCP equivalent
" Proven Experience in building large distributed high scale systems
" Experience with OpenStack - Advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech

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