Software Developer

  • full time
  • 3+ years
  • Jerusalem area

Job Description:

For a startup developing a product for vehicular safety, with offices in the Jerusalem area

To join our team designing and implementing a complex software system with tight, real-time, computational and power constraints, pushing our hardware to its limits with a multi-process, lock-free system utilizing advanced algorithms to help users have the most seamless experience possible

Additional Positions:

C++ Developer, C#/.NET Developer



Job Qualifications:

B.Sc. in Computer Science / Software Engineering / proven extensive industrial experience

At least 3 years experience programming in C / C++ / Java / C#, from which at least one year involved hands-on experience programming in C / C++

Scripting experience in at least one of the following: Perl / Python / JavaScript / Ruby

Advanced knowledge in Object-Oriented Design and programming concepts

Problem solver

Team player

Experience running under and developing on Linux - an advantage

Experience in RT/Embedded programming - an advantage

Experience in with version control systems like SVN / Git - an advantage

Experience with one of the following cloud providers: AWS / Azure / Google cloud - an advantage

Company Occupation:

High Tech

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